Mrs. Madalene

Mrs Madalene deals with all our posts about household cleaning tips and tricks. Like most people she’s got a full time job so cleaning quickly and efficiently, but without a loss of quality, is at the top of her list of priorities.

The tips she shares are from her own personal experience of cleaning the four bed home she currently shares with our site’s other author DIY Dave.

DIY Dave

DIY Dave is responsible for anything you read on our website that’s related to the outside of the house. They’re the jobs that Mrs Madalene doesn’t want to do so it doesn’t matter if Dave wants to do them or not… it’s his domain. Any reviews or recommendations you read about tools or garden products come from Dave as well as any tips for DIY, outside cleaning and general maintenance.

As you might have guessed Mrs Madalene and DIY Dave are pseudonym’s. In real life they’re a husband and wife team but prefer to keep their real names private… the internet can be a weird place after all.

Our Reviews & Recommendation

Handy Home Guide is a participant in several affiliate programs which are designed to provide a way for the site to earn money.

This means that if you decide to buy any product recommended or reviewed on the site we will get paid a small commission. You as the consumer will never pay more because of this though, it comes out of the profit the company selling the product makes.

You could say this might influence the products we recommend.


The companies we work with stock a huge range of products from all the leading brands and our commission is the same regardless of which brand or product we recommend. With that in mind there’s no reason to recommended one product over another so we’re able to suggest what we truly believe will be the best for the job.

Obviously that’s subjective and is based on our personal experiences. We’re not able to try and test every single product suggested so when this is the case we use any experience we have, along with detailed online research and user reviews to formulate an opinion.

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