What Brand Washing Machine Is Best & Most Reliable?

Washing Machine BrandsIf you’ve shopped for washing machines lately, it might feel like your brain is stuck in the spin cycle. With so many brands to choose from, it’s almost impossible to know which brands are the best and most reliable?

It’s tempting to go for a low-priced option, but you don’t sacrifice good quality in search of a deal, as you may end up incurring expensive repairs down the line if you select an inferior product.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to splash out money on a pricey brand-name appliance only to find you’re just paying for a prestige name but not getting a substantially better product in return.

Cheap options can be unreliable: expensive options can be all style and no substance. So we’ve gone ahead and ranked the best washing machine brands for you based on our experiences.

Who Makes The Best Washing Machines?

We’ve looked in-depth at thirteen different washing machine brands to determine who can provide you with the best products for the greatest value. We’ll start out with our very top-ranked brands and move down the list:

#1 Bosch

Bosch LogoProducts that are made in Germany are typically considered very high quality: the country as a whole has a reputation as a place where quality manufacturing with precise attention to detail is paramount.

In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electric Engineering” in Stuttgart Germany: that company would go on to become the Bosch we know and appreciate today. For over 130 years, Bosch has been in the business of producing outstanding precision mechanical and electrical engineering work, which has evolved over the years as industry has changed.

Bosch’s history of excellence and experience has led to them creating some top of the line products. Including our favourite washing machine on the market today…

BOSCH Serie 4 WAN28280GB

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as of September 17, 2022 8:15 am

The Bosch Serie 4 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine is a great buy. This price represents good value for such a solid, reliable brand: even some of the budget washing machine brands on our list can run higher than that.

It’s got an A+++ energy rating (that’s the best possible), can hold an 8kg capacity, spins at 1400 rpm and has no fewer than 11 different cycles including a 15 minute quick wash, allergy cycle and delicates / silks. It’s also got a 24 hour delay timer, relatively low noise output and is one of the cheapest machines to run that’s on the market.

#2 Siemens

SiemensSiemens are another long-standing German institution who we believe make quality appliances, including washing machines. This conglomerate company was founded in 1847 and is currently headquartered in Berlin and Munich. While they’re primarily known for their work in industry, energy, and healthcare, they also produce home appliances.

Siemens washing machines receive pretty consistently high reviews, but they are not budget machines. You’re going to be looking at about £849 to £1299. If you’re looking for reliability and don’t mind spending extra on high-end appliances, Siemens is a safe bet.

#3 Samsung

SamsungIf you check our consumer review sites, you’ll see that Samsung is consistently listed amongst the top washing machine manufacturers. This South Korean-owned multinational electronics company has assembly plants in over 80 countries and is the world’s largest maker of consumer electronics. Their brand is incredibly well-known, and with the resources at their disposal they indisputably make high-quality washing machines. And they make a lot of them: there are seemingly countless models to choose from.

With Samsung though, you’re definitely paying for the name: even the no-frills models start around £349, and you can spend upwards of £1300 which is not necessarily accessible or affordable for many consumers.

#4 Kenwood

KenwoodThe Japan-based Kenwood Corporation has established itself as a worldwide name in consumer electronics since its debut in 1946. That’s a relatively short time period compared to many of the high-end brands on our list, and yet its as much of or more of a household name than many of these long-established brands. They are a real workhorse of a brand, too: they consistently get top ratings across the board.

You would think that with such high ratings and with their undeniable brand recognition, Kenwood washing machines would be priced at a premium. But these machines are incredibly affordable: they range from about £199 to £349, which is an incredible value.

#5 Miele

MieleLike Samsung, Miele tops many lists of most reliable washing machines. And, like Bosch and Siemens, Miele is a high-end German manufacturer whose legacy was established back in the late 1800s. Miele, however, has remained a family-owned business, which absolutely sets it apart from the large, corporate brands that it’s competitive with.

Because Miele is a little more niche than companies like Samsung, it has a somewhat limited catalog of products, and what they do have trends into higher price ranges: think anywhere from £600 to £1300. They’re an excellent brand, but their high prices and limited product selection makes them attractive to only a narrow swath of consumers.

#6 Smeg

SMEGWhen you hear a word like Smeg, you don’t necessarily think it’s going to be the name of an upmarket midcentury-era Italian appliance manufacturer. And yet it has established itself as a leading name in domestic appliance manufacturing. They focus on producing exclusively front-loading washing machines.

Like Miele, Smeg remains a family-owned business. Also like Miele, Smeg produces a smaller number of models at higher prices – a machine could run you between around £589 all the way up to £1130. Reviews across the web are mixed on quality however, so while we love the sleek style of Smeg products, we can’t say that they provide as much value as some other companies on our list.

#7 Zanussi

ZanussiZanussi is another Italian producer of home appliances established midcentury in 1946. It grew from a small family-owned workshop to a sizable enough brand to have been bought out by Electrolux in 1984. Unfortunately the quality that elevated Zanussi to household name status has fallen slightly by the wayside: reviews of the brand’s products are decidedly mixed.

Zanussi machines are moderately to mid priced, running between about £289 and £559. For our money, there are better options at either end of the pricing spectrum.

#8 AEG

AEGAEG is yet another long-established, German-based brand: it was originally established in 1883 in Berlin. It has since been absorbed into the Electrolux brand. It is highly-praised when it comes to very specific features: it’s considered to be notably easy on fabrics, and is touted as one of the better front-loading machines. Many review sites consider it to be at the top of the premium brands.

AEG machines range between about £449 and £929, and have a moderate amount of options. But something holds them back from being at the top of our list. They aren’t as luxe as the other high-end brands, and they aren’t a good enough value to compensate for that.

#9 Hotpoint

HotpointThe Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, established in 1911 in the United States, is now an American and European Brand of appliances. Ownership of the company is split between the American Whirlpool brand and the Chinese company Haier. Hotpoint specializes in home appliances, so you’d think their washing machines would be pretty flawless. But reviews online are mixed: many people complain that it’s products aren’t all energy efficient, and certain models are criticized for not washing well.

Hotpoint has plentiful models on the market, ranging between about £219 to £359, so there are a wide range of low-price options. But be sure to read the reviews on each model: some are better than others, and you don’t want to make the wrong selection.

#10 Sharp

SharpSharp Corporations, a Japanese multinational brand, is known for producing solid consumer electronics at an accessible price point. While it’s mostly known for stereos and TVs (it’s the tenth largest television manufacturer in the world) it also produces washing machines.

Reviews on Sharp electronics are a mixed bag: while it performs well, users often find it a bit clunky. Prices range between around £299 up to around £429. It’s a good performer, but not necessarily a standout in the field.

#11 Currys Essentials

EssentialsCurrys Essentials differs from many of our brands on this list in that it’s not made by a dedicated electronics manufacturer: it’s the in-house brand of Currys, a British electrical retailer found in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It’s considered one of the top budget brands in the UK because it is simple but still powerful, and offers bonus features like a quick wash setting, A+ energy rating, and 1200rpm spin speeds.

The price on Currys Essentials is basically unbeatable, with at least five models available for under £200. They aren’t a perfect machine: some reviews note that they can be loud and a little shaky. But they’re also sturdy, long-lasting, and an incomparable value.

#12 Beko

BekoBeko, a Turkish manufacturer of consumer appliances, entered the UK market in the early 1990s. Since then, they have established a reputation as one of the more reliable budget brands on the market. They don’t have a ton of extra bells and whistles, but they offer all the basic functionality you need along with a few special extra features that most bargain brands don’t bother with. They offer several different models too, so there is still some element of choice: that isn’t always available with a discount washing machine. They also have great energy ratings across the board, which is another factor setting them apart from other value brands.

Beko washing machines start at a base price of £200, but if you want additional features like a larger size, higher spin speed, or quick wash option you’ll end up closer to £400: that’s a decent value, but the Bosch Serie 4 listed above comes in under £400 and is undeniably a higher quality product.

#13 Logik

LogikLogik is a line within a brand: it’s part of Dixons Retail, which is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe. In the UK, Dixons operates Currys, Curry’s Digital and PC World among other stores. Their Logik line, which was introduced in 2001, is designed for everyday use. They aim to be reliable and efficient and provide affordable alternatives to big-name brands without sacrificing quality or performance.

Logik offers a wide variety of washing machines at very affordable prices: think the £169 to £349 range. This gives consumers the option to find the washing machine with the features they prioritize at an accessible price point. They make some good machines but at the lower price points reviews aren’t great.

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