Best Freestanding & Integrated Slimline Dishwashers

Top Slimline Dishwashers ReviewedSlimline dishwashers are ideal for small kitchens because they are designed to fit into tight spaces. The same height as standard dishwashers, the average slimline width is 45cm, which is 15cm narrower.

These models may be thinner and seem smaller, but they have great capacity and a load of features that could rival normal full-size units. Some come with several programs such as a rapid wash, delicate wash, and intensive cycle to clean off stubborn grime. Slimline dishwashers are as effective as normal size models when it comes to cleaning.

There is a ‘but’… slimline appliances use more energy so look for models with high energy efficiency ratings and eco wash options. Regardless of the size of your dishwasher, you can save on water by aiming for full capacity with every wash – and don’t overload otherwise not all the dishes will get a thorough clean.

So, if you don’t have room for big appliances, then going for a slimline dishwasher will be a great space saver. With there being so many brands, makes and models on the market, the selection is extensive, making it a rather hard decision to make.

Let us help you out. We’ve put together a list of what we believe are the best freestanding and integrated slimline dishwashers.

Best Freestanding Slimline Dishwashers

Freestanding slimline machines are more popular because of an easier installation than for integrated units. These narrow models are great for small flats, houseboats, holiday homes, mobile homes, and cabins. They are perfectly suited where space is at a premium.

An expensive machine does not always mean you’re getting best performance, but it does mean better quality of the interior and components. Just because slimline dishwashers are three quarters of the size of normal dishwashers doesn’t mean you’re going to pay three quarters of the price. Full-sized dishwashers can cost anything between £180 and £1,500, and the slimline models are priced from £160 to £900.

#1 Bosch Serie 2 SPS24CW00G (White)

Known for their innovation and reliability, the BOSCH Series 2 SPS24CW00G Slimline Dishwasher has advanced rinsing technology to maximise efficiency and environment-friendly rinsing for the best cleaning effects.

BOSCH Serie 2 SPS24CW00G Slimline Dishwasher

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as of July 24, 2022 5:55 am

Energy and water is saved through targeted water circulation and optimises the filter technology through rapid heating and increased pump performance. This model has an average water consumption of 9.5 litres per cycle with an energy rating of A+ and 48 dB for noise.

A major highlight is Bosch’s AquaStop system that has a lifetime guarantee against water damage using a double-wall hose, safety valve, and float switch. AquaStop coupled with the LoadSensor feature sets you up to automatically save water and energy.

A rotary speed sensor checks the water level and adjusts it according to the size of the load. The LoadSensor provides optimal water consumption for full, partial, or half loads.

The features don’t end there…

  • The Bosch Slimline has the EcoSilence Drive, which is exceptionally quiet and efficient for guaranteed low electricity consumption.
  • It also has different programs to choose from namely, Intensive (70°C), Auto (45-65°C), Eco (50°C), Glass (40 °C) and the 29-minute Quick wash at 45°C.
  • The Bosch model offers varying speed options. The VarioSpeed rinses in half the time with the best cleaning and drying results.
  • This isn’t a basic trimmed-down model. The slimline also uses the DosageAssist technology to effectively dissolve tablets for successful cleaning and accommodates 9 place settings.
  • And last but not least, is the 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The Bosch Slimline dishwasher promises high standards and quality.

User reviews & buying info: Bosch Serie 2 SPS24CW00G Slimline Dishwasher

#2 Silver KENWOOD KDW45X16 (stainless steel)

The KENWOOD KDW45X16 Slimline Dishwasher is an A++ energy-rated, petite, stainless steel unit loaded with cleaning capabilities.

KENWOOD KDW45X16 Slimline Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

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as of July 24, 2022 5:55 am

It has a self-cleaning filter that automatically does a rinse after every cycle to dislodge trapped food and prevent a build-up of bacteria. This auto maintenance ensures the machine runs optimally for longer with less repairs needed.

Out of 2000 dishwashers tested in a survey, only 28% had overflow protection. Luckily, the Kenwood Slimline is one of them.

Overflow protection checks the water level inside and when water exceeds this level, the water is automatically cut off. An influx of water can occur when there is a blocked drain or pipe, so it’s a useful feature to help prevent unexpected accidents and damage.

Although it’s not necessarily the first thing to check but having a selection of washing programs makes the dishwasher more resourceful and adaptable. Six wash programs are considered normal, but the Kenwood offers 8:

  1. Auto
  2. ECO
  3. Glass
  4. Intensive
  5. Normal
  6. 90 min
  7. Rapid
  8. Soak

Its capacity of 10 place settings offers a good interior space while only consuming 9 litres per cycle at a noise level of 47 dB. The Kenwood Slimline uses 0.74 kilowatt hours (kWh) meaning the smaller the energy consumption per cycle, the cheaper it is to run.

The best dishwashers use 0.5 kWh and the worst consume 1.35 kWh per cycle. Most dishwashers use between 0.85 and 0.95 kWh and the Kenwood does well below this!

User reviews & buying info: KENWOOD KDW45X16 Slimline Dishwasher

#3 Beko DFS05010B Slimline Dishwasher (black)

Perfect for when space is at a premium, The energy efficient Beko DFS05010B Slimline dishwasher comes with 5 different programs including a quick Mini 30′ cycle to wash a full load in 30 minutes. For dirtier items, the Quick and Shine cycle runs for 58 minutes to wash a full load.

BEKO DFS05010B Slimline Dishwasher

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as of July 24, 2022 5:55 am

This dishwasher only needs a cold-water supply and has 5 different wash temperatures and other great programs:

  • Eco (50°C) 200 minutes
  • Clean and Shine (65°C) 96 minutes
  • Intensive (70°C) 115 minutes

This slimline model is A-class rated for cleaning and drying performance.

It’s equipped with Aquasafe technology to protect against flood and water damage. So, it protects the interior of the machine and constantly manages the water levels and prevents a potential loss or sudden increase in water.

There are 10 place settings available, a removable cutlery basket, and adjustable upper rack to help make the packing easier. The flexibility helps you make space for larger items, so you can load the unit more efficiently.

If you’re only doing a half load, you can set the correct cycle to save 10-25% in energy and water consumption.

The Beko Slimline dishwasher has an A+ energy rating. It uses 0.83 kWh and 13 litres of water per cycle with a noise level rated at 49 dB.

The slick, black, smart appearance adds a great touch to any modern kitchen.

User reviews & buying info: Beko DFS05010B Slimline Dishwasher

Best Integrated Slimline Dishwashers

Integrated models are designed to fit perfectly with your existing kitchen units. Aesthetically, they’re the best option, however being a permanent installation, it may be more awkward to fix or replace.

That’s a good reason to consider top-quality reliable brands, like Bosch who have low repair incidents meaning you don’t have to worry about breakdowns.

The BOSCH Series 2 SPV25CX00G Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher has a narrow width of 44.8cm, making it great for compact spaces and offers capacity for 9 place settings. Your dinnerware will be spotless in no time with this smart, slimline unit from Bosch.

BOSCH Serie 2 SPV25CX00G Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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as of July 24, 2022 5:55 am

Its cycle programs include a quick wash if you’re in a hurry or an economy wash that uses less water and energy. The ExtraDry function is A-rated and power dries dishes while doing a thorough job on plastics too.

The integrated slimline model has an assorted set of features like a childproof lock, delay timer up to 9 hours, LED display, height adjustable top rack, cutlery basket, and level indicators for rinse aid and salt.

It only needs a cold-water supply and has a built-in anti-flood device.

So, how efficient is it?

With an A+ energy rating, 48 dB noise level, and consumption of 0.78 kWh and 9.5 litres of water per cycle, it does rather well on efficiency.

User reviews & buying info: BOSCH Series 2 SPV25CX00G Slimline Integrated

Slimline Dishwasher FAQs

How many items can slimline dishwashers hold?

Slimline dishwashers measuring 45cm across can hold 90 to 100 items. Even though they are 15cm slimmer than the standard size, the slimline models can accommodate up to 10 place settings at once.

The capacity of dishwashers is measured in place settings i.e. the number of dinner and side plates, bowls etc. that each model can accommodate. A 60cm dishwasher for example can hold between 120-150 items

What’s the smallest possible dishwasher by width?

Although not common, you do get smaller dishwashers that can be built into cabinets attached via a hose to the sink. Whether it’s a portable, countertop, freestanding, or integrated dishwasher, most of the smaller dishwashers start at a 45 cm (18”) width.

What’s the smallest slimline dishwasher depth?

The depth size for slimline dishwashers can vary but typically measure 55cm for the smallest depth, 45cm wide and between 81– 87.5cm in height.

How much water do slimline dishwashers use?

The average water consumption for hand washing dishes is 24-30 litres. It probably doesn’t sound so terrible but if you compare it to an efficient slimline dishwasher that uses between 9 – 13 litres for a full cycle load.

It can also wash more dishes than you in less time.

How much do they cost to run?

An energy rating is a great way to estimate a dishwasher’s annual operating costs. The standard ratings run up to A, with additional plus signs indicating better efficiency. Dishwashers with an A++ rating are the best as they cost the least to run adding anything from £50 per year to the electricity use. Water, tablets, salt and rinse aid are additional costs.

How loud are slimline dishwashers?

Older models of dishwashers ran at over 75 dB, but those days are long gone. With insulation, anti-vibrate, and efficient motors all help to reduce noise levels of modern-day dishwashers. Noise output depends on the make and model, but slimline units can be as low as 44 dB up to 51 kB.

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