Best Full-Size Dishwashers: Integrated & Freestanding Models

Full-sized dishwashers are available as integrated or freestanding appliances.

So, what’s the difference?

An integrated appliance is fitted to conform to the size, colour, and design of your kitchen. Its hidden as a cupboard with the same doors and panels and makes the kitchen look uniform and less crowded by appliances.

A freestanding dishwasher is bought off the shelf in any colour and installed in an available spot in the kitchen where it can hook up to water and drainage.

Dishwashers are probably the one appliance that causes the most headaches in the kitchen. Breakdowns are common and with some models, it doesn’t take long before cleaning stops becoming as effective as it should be.

Getting the right model in the first place is the best thing you can do to avoid these problems down the line.

Dishwashers Buyers Guide

Best DishwasherIf you’re shopping around for a new or replacement dishwasher, here’s good advice on how to the make the right decision.

Obviously, your budget narrows it down but have some flexibility here because you want the best appliance that won’t cost you in the long run. A cheap buy can be a costly one.

Most importantly, you need to look at capacity, energy consumption, energy efficiency, water usage, noise output, warranty, wash programs, and other features you specifically need.

Dishwasher capacity is measured by place settings. One place setting is:

  • 1 plate, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 teaspoon, 1 cup


  • 1 saucer, 1 soup bowl, 1 soup spoon, 1 dessert bowl, 1 dessert spoon

The bigger the family, the more place settings required.

Energy (kwh/cycle) and water (litres) consumption, energy efficiency (rating from D to A+++), and noise levels in decibels must be considered if you want to avoid using an appliance that drains resources, making it expensive to operate. You also don’t want a wash cycle that whines and whirrs loudly throughout the house.

Entry-level models have 3-4 different wash programs for basic use. However, as models get more expensive, the more programs there are to choose from. Options can be fast or intensive, determining the time, energy, and water consumed.

Best Full-Size Integrated Dishwashers

Integrated dishwashers can be limited in selection and not always so easy to repair or replace while preserving the same colour and material. But, don’t let that put you off. Buying and maintaining a credible and reliable integrated dishwasher will provide a great kitchen experience with a winning appearance.

#1 Bosch SMV40C30G – Best Overall

Being a well-respected brand, Bosch’s ingenious German engineering and lowest repair rates puts it at the top for best value for money.

BOSCH SMV40C30GB Full-size Integrated Dishwasher

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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

The A+ energy-rated Bosch SMV40C30GB Full-size Integrated Dishwasher uses an innovative ActiveWater technology. Its improved pump performance, targeted water circulation and fast heating ensures every drop is used efficiently.

They say it takes 40 litres of water to fill the average sink and this dishwasher uses less than half per wash cycle. With the reduction in water waste and A+ energy rating, it’s an appliance that can help cut down on household energy bills.

Bosch’s VarioPerfect options lets you adjust the cycle to suit the dish load. The VarioSpeed and Eco50 programs help save energy by doing a powerful clean in half the time.

This full-size model has 12 place settings with adaptable racks to best utilise the space.

Another great feature is the Dosage Assist which maximises performance by effectively dissolving the detergents properly for great results every time.

The safety lock is useful to prevent opening the door accidentally and the Eco Silence Drive feature runs at 50 dB, so the rotating motor won’t disrupt after-dinner conversations.

Warranty & purchase info: Bosch SMV40C30G

#2 BEKO DIN16X10 – Best Under £250

Beko is a Turkish manufacturer of household appliances that have been on the UK market since the nineties. The machines are affordable with the necessary features and their dishwashers rate on average for reliability with spare parts being readily available.

BEKO DIN16X10 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

If you’re not looking to spend more than £250 then the BEKO DIN16X10 full-size integrated dishwasher is a great recommendation to suit your pocket.

With an A+ energy rating, it has a low water consumption of 11.5 litres per cycle and a 48-dB noise rating. Old dishwashers and industrial models have a noise output up to 80 dB! But modern models have quieter levels between 43 – 55 dB.

Beko’s integrated model has sufficient capacity at 14 place settings and offers half load settings when required to save on water. It has quick, effective programs ranging from half an hour to under an hour.

Adjustable components give you flexibility to make room when you need it. The upper basket can be moved up even when fully loaded and plate supports can fold down to fit larger pots and pans.

Warranty & purchase info: BEKO DIN16X10

#3 ESSENTIALS CID60W16 – Best On A Budget


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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

The ESSENTIALS CID60W16 full-size integrated dishwasher is suitable for households on a strict budget. This model has 12 place settings to accommodate an average family of four and has an impressive energy rating of A++, noise rating of 49 dB, and uses 11 litres of water per cycle.

It has 5 different programs that includes a cleaning cycle done in just 30 minutes or the 190-minute ECO wash. It may sound long, but it saves more on water and energy.

The LED indicators are useful for monitoring salt and rinse aid levels and the time delay setting is another nifty feature.

The Essentials model comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee with after sales services and repairs managed exclusively by the Curry’s retail outlet stores.

Warranty & purchase info: Currys ESSENTIALS CID60W16

Best Full-Size Freestanding Dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers are the most common as they are less expensive than integrated appliances and fit into any kitchen that wants them. They are also easier to maintain and repair as you simply need to pull it out and put in a new one.

The colour white is usually the most popular colour although freestanding dishwashers come in assorted colours like black, grey, or silver.

Because there is such a wide variety, you will easily find a unit that will match your budget.

#1 BOSCH SMS25AW00G – Top Pick

Top of the list again is Bosch.

The BOSCH SMS25AW00G white full-size freestanding dishwasher has an energy rating of A++ and comes with useful and well-designed features such as:

BOSCH SMS25AW00G Full-size Dishwasher

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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm
  • AquaSensor III, Load Sensor
  • Automatic detergent detection
  • DosageAssist detergent dispenser
  • EcoSilence BLDC drive
  • ExtraDry function
  • Protective clean program
  • Adjustable components

It has different programs and temperatures like the Eco at 50°C, Glass at 40°C, Intensive at 70°C, Quick at 45°C, and a pre-rinse setting.

The Glass program cleans delicate glasses gently to keep the sparkle and prevent any damage. The cycle runs at a temperature of 40°C to provide a protective clean while removing marks and stains.

Bosch designed this model with flexibility in mind by including a height adjustable upper basket to easily load the dishes in 12 place settings.

It has a very efficient water consumption of only 9.5 litres per wash and a noise output of 48 dB.

Warranty & purchase info: BOSCH SMS25AW00G

#2 KENWOOD KDW60W15 – Top Value

The white KENWOOD KDW60W15 full-size Dishwasher offers a cost-effective and practical solution to sparkling clean dishes.

KENWOOD KDW60W15 Full-size Dishwasher

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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

With a capacity of 12 place settings, there is enough room to wash everything. However, you can use the half load function for less dishes to reduce water consumption.

It has a stylish and modern design showing an LED display for program settings and a delay timer that can be set to suit your schedule.

This unit also offers a variety of wash programs giving you more control over your wash routines. Different wash cycles include Auto, ECO, Glass, Intensive, Normal, Rapid, Soak, and 90 min.

The Kenwood freestanding dishwasher comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee and the reassurance that genuine spares and accessories are widely available in the UK.

Warranty & purchase info: KENWOOD KDW60W15

#3 ESSENTIALS CDW60W18 – Cheapest

The Essentials range also offers the ESSENTIALS CDW60W18 full size freestanding dishwasher.

ESSENTIALS CDW60W18 Full-size Dishwasher

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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

With 12 place settings, using 12 litres of water per cycle and an A++ energy rating, it does the job without any frills or fuss.

It has a stainless-steel interior with additional features like an overflow and leakage protection, which automatically detects potential water leakages. It includes a 3, 6, or 9-hour delay timer, and rinse aid and salt level indicators, while keeping your energy consumption low.

The unique Super 50 program gives an excellent wash in 50 minutes. This program cleans at 65°C to make sure any tough food stains and residue is hygienically and thoroughly removed.

Other wash options available are the Delicate at 40°C, Eco, Intensive at 65°C, Prewash, and the Quick 30-minute wash at 40°C.

Warranty & purchase info: Currys ESSENTIALS CDW60W18

How Much Should You Spend?

QuestionAll dishwashers may look and function similarly, but models vary significantly in price and quality. Buying the right model to suit your needs means you can aim to save on energy and water bills, yet still getting immaculate results.

You could buy a dishwasher for less than £200 or spend more than £900, noting that price does not necessarily mean superior quality. It’s possible to find a reliable and affordable dishwasher to get the basics done. If you’re looking for specific features and not ready to compromise, then be prepared to pay that little bit extra. After all, if you’re going to spend the money – spend it wisely on a reputable brand to get exactly what you need.

If you’re not hassled about missing out on advanced features, then you have a wide, inexpensive selection to choose from.

It’s recommended to get a qualified engineer out to do the installation correctly, even though it may cost extra. Rather that than paying heaps more when pipes start leaking.

How much will it cost to run?

The cost of a dishwasher does not stop with the purchase. There are operating costs for electricity and water so there are significant differences between the most and least efficient machines. Every model has an energy rating and star rating for energy and water.

An inefficient dishwasher could cost you an additional £64 in energy bills where an efficient one would add just £27. These machines will save you money on your energy bills and are better for the environment. Full-sized machines are found to be more efficient with water compared to slimline models.

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