Best Vented Tumble Dryers – Cheapest Dryers On The Market

Vented tumble dryers are the original type of tumble dryer.

When compared to the other two types of tumble dryers – condenser tumble dryers and heat pump tumble dryers – a vented dryer is always going to be the cheapest option.

Read on to learn more about exactly how vented dryers work, and to see our recommendations on the best and most reliable options available for purchase.

How Do Vented Tumble Dryers Work?

Vented DryerWhen talking about tumble dryers, it’s helpful to understand what they need to accomplish. Dryers don’t need to just apply heat in order to dry laundry: they must also remove the moisture from it.

Each different kind of tumble dryer has a different mechanism for removing moisturiser, and those distinctions are what define each type of dryer.

A typical vented tumble dryer uses either electrical heating or gas combustion to heat air: this warmed air then blows into the tumbler of the dryer and is circulated around through the wet or damp laundry.

Then, a hose carries the warm, damp air out of the dryer, through a vent, and expels it through an external wall or an open window, while new warm air is streamed in to continue removing the moisture and dampness from within the dryer.

Many people believe this means a vented dryer must be placed near a window or external wall. However kits are available to vent your dryer in any location. A vent to the outside is preferable but not essential.

If you think you might have problems venting your dryer then consider either a heat pump dryer (more expensive) or a similarly priced condenser dyer.

Best Vented Tumble Dryer On The Market

HOOVER HL V8DG Vented NFC (8kg)

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as of August 3, 2022 11:22 am

The Hoover HL Vented NFC Dryer has some excellent features for a very competitive price.

Top Features:

#1 Sensor Drying It uses three levels of sensor drying to allow you to select the level of dryness you prefer. This prevents your clothes and linens from over-drying, which can then give them a longer life in better condition.

#2 Rapid Dry Programme It also allows you to dry jeans and towels in just 40 minutes thanks to its rapid cotton programme.

#3 Load & Capacity This dryer is easy to load and unload thanks to an extra-large porthole, making it more ergonomically comfortable for users, and it has a spacious 8kg capacity.

Energy Efficieny & Run Cost

While vented dryers are notorious for their lack of energy efficiency, the Hoover HL Vented NFC Dryer offers a neat feature that can help out with the costs: its Start Delay mode.

If your energy company offers you cheaper electricity at off-peak hours, you can program your machine to delay the start of the drying process for up to nine hours, which will allow you to take the opportunity to use the electricity when the price is lower.

580 kWh p/y

0 liters

Cost Per Year: £75.54
*Based on average UK rates & manufacturers projected consumption

Smartphone Integration

Hoover Wizard AppProbably its coolest feature though, is that you can control the Hoover HL Vented NFC Dryer with your smartphone.

If you have a smartphone, install the Hoover Wizard app: you’ll be able to manage the dryer’s settings right on your phone. Just take advantage of the One Touch System that works with the same technology as contactless card payments. Tap your phone against the dryer to pair the devices, and then use your phone to activate your machine, change its settings, or monitor it.

Check out customer reviews and purchase info on the Currys website.

Cheapest Vented Dryer: Under £200

While the Hoover HL Vented NFC Dryer is an excellent price, there are vented tumble dryers at even lower price points. For our money, the best vented dryer under £200 has to be the Logik 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer.

LOGIK LVD7W18 7 kg Vented Tumble Dryer

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as of August 3, 2022 11:22 am

Now, while you can’t expect the plethora of features you’d find in a higher-tiered item, the Logik still has plenty to recommend it, it features four different programs, so you can adjust the setting that best suits the size of your laundry load.

This is great, because if you have a small laundry load you don’t have to waste the water and energy you’d use on a setting for a larger load. These settings make it so you can confidently wash everything from delicates to jeans to bed linens. It also offers a one-hour dry feature: if you need a perfect outfit for the night out but forgot to put it in the dryer, just throw it in while you shower and get ready and you’ll be all set to walk out the door in 60 minutes.

Additionally, like the Hoover HL Vented NFC Dryer, the Logik 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer offers a delay timer: you can set a three, six, or nine hour delay on the dryer, so you can have warm towels first thing in the morning, or just take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs.

The Logik has a slightly smaller capacity than the Hoover, at 7kg instead of 8kg. It’s also a bit louder at 69dB, something customers have definitely noticed. It measures 840x595x550mm (HxWxD) and weighs in at 33kg.

For more info and customer reviews check out the Currys website.


Why are vented tumble dryers cheaper than other types?

Vented dryers are typically the cheapest because they’re just because they’re the least complicated. They don’t have mechanisms like a condenser or heat pump that turn the water that convert moisture: they just remove moisture through a vent or a a hose.

How much do they cost to run?

While a more efficient dryer only costs about £30 a year to run, vented dryers are typically rated around a C which will cost a considerable amount more, £75-£100 per year.

What can you fit in a 7kg or 8kg capacity dryer?

A 7kg dryer is suited for a small household. You could comfortably a fit about 35 articles of clothing in it, give or take, and could conceivable wash a full-sized comforter. And 8kg machine gives you a bit more room, so you could wash a queen or even a more lightweight king-sized comforter in it or approximately 40 articles of clothing.

How do you install a vented dryer?

A vented dryer is complicated to install: it’s best left to a professional, or at the very least a very competent home handy person. You’ll need to either install a hose or a proper vent system in order to expel the moisture from the house. Proper installation will require construction know-how as well as electrical, so it’s best to rely on the professionals to ensure the dryer is placed and installed correctly.

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