Best Washing Machine Under £200 – Top Budget Options

We all know it will happen. It’s inevitable. One day your washing machine will simply give up the ghost and need replacing. Yet when it happens it’s somehow always a surprise. You pop in a load of towels, add detergent, switch it on and… nothing.

Ok, yes, you knew it was coming. It’s been making strange noises for weeks and the last repair man shook his head and suggested you get a new one soon. But it couldn’t have happened at a worse time: the MOT is due, there’s a big event coming up, funds are limited.

The good news is that it is quite possible to buy a decent washing machine on a budget of less than £200. You won’t get a top of the range, all-singing, all-dancing model but improvements in technology mean that it is entirely possible to get a really good budget machine, with more settings than you could ever need, for a very reasonable cost.

Here we’ll take a look at a few of the best options for brand new washing machines priced at £200 or less.

Budget Washing Machines: Buyers Guide

Washing Machine Buyers Guide

First you’ll need to think about what you want from a budget machine. Here are the main points to consider.

Run Cost and Energy Rating

Most washing machines are designed to last for 10 years or more and have an energy rating of A as a minimum.The cost per-use will add up over time, though perhaps not enough to make it a significant factor in your buying decision.

The National Energy Foundation estimates an average saving of £10 – £15 per year when using the very best rated washing machines.


The simple fact is that the more you pay the more variety of cycles you are likely to get. This sounds good in theory but the truth is that most washing machines have more cycles that anyone will ever use. Figure out which ones will be useful to you and look for those.


This is more difficult to judge; no advertiser is going to question the reliability of their own machines! If you want the truth about your chosen washing machine then user reviews are the best place to start. Reviewers will have first-hand experience of using the machine and will paint a far more truthful picture than any advert.


The increase in availability of large capacity (8kg+) washing machineshas made them a tempting prospect, especially for large families who find themselves with several loads a week. But before you assume that ‘bigger is better’, take a moment to think about your actual washing habits. If you split your washing by colours or type, have limited space for drying, or prefer to do a load every day, then you might find a large drum is overkill. A half-empty large capacity machine is less energy efficient that a smaller full one.

Best Washing Machines For Under £200

1 LOGIK L714WM17 (7kg Capacity, 1400 rpm)


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as of December 26, 2021 1:04 pm

The Logik L714WM17 washing machine is our top pick for anyone looking for an under £200 option. It holds a 7kg capacity, not especially large but should be plenty for most average households, and boasts an energy rating of A+++ (the highest available). This energy rating means it’ll be one of the most efficient models on the market when it comes to cost to run.

It comes with 16 wash programmes, including Delicate, Wool, Sports, Baby Care and Eco, as well as a 15 minute 2kg quick wash, which is really useful for lightly soiled clothing or small loads. Spin speed is a respectable 1400 rpm. There is also a 24 hour timer so you can delay the start of the wash cycle until a suitable time.

  • 15 minute quick wash
  • 24 hour timer
  • High energy rating of A+++
  • LED Time Display
  • Small soap dispenser drawer
  • Long wash cycles

This machine is great value for the money and our top choice for under £200.

#2 LOGIK L814WMS17 (8kg Capacity, 1400 rpm)


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as of December 26, 2021 1:04 pm

The Logik L814WMS17 is another great choice around the £200 mark and comes in a sleek silver finish. Ok, yes, we cheated a little here as the price for this machine is just over our £200 limit. However, you do get a lot more for your money so the small extra cost is definitely worth considering.

With an 8kg capacity it is a little larger than our top pick; ideal if you have a big family and regularly wash large loads. It also comes with an A+++ energy rating and a handy quick wash feature which cleans loads of up to 2kg in just 15 minutes. The spin speed is 1400 rpm.

  • Large 8kg capacity
  • 15 minute quick wash
  • A+++ energy rating
  • LED Time Display
  • Spin is a little noisy
  • Long wash cycles

At just over £200, this is one of the lowest priced silver machines on the market. The large capacity is a bonus for big households.

Our Top Washer for Under £250

#1 KENWOOD K914WM18 (9kg Capactiy, 1400 rpm)


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as of December 26, 2021 1:04 pm

An extra-large 9kg capacity sets the Kenwood K914WM18 washing machine apart from other cheap models. This might be too much for a couple or small households but large families will appreciate the ability to add more items to each wash. Fifteen wash settings and a 23 hour delay timer make using this machine super convenient, and the short 15 minute quick wash is really useful when you need an outfit in a hurry.

  • Extra Large 9kg drum capacity
  • A+++ rating
  • 15 minute quick wash
  • Quite noisy

Kenwood is another well-known brand, so you can be sure you are getting a well-made item. At just under £250, this 9kg machine is a really good deal.

Our Top Pick for under £300

BOSCH Serie 2 WAB28161GB (6kg Capacity, 1400 rpm)

BOSCH Serie 2 WAB28161GB

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as of December 26, 2021 1:04 pm

At first glance, the BOSCH Serie 2 WAB28161GB machine seems to be a lower value option than the LOGIK models listed above. It has the same 1400 rpm spin speed, a 6kg capacity drum, and just 8 programmable settings. These include the essential Colours, Delicates, Whites and Woollens, as well as the standard 40 and 60 degree options, so should be enough for most people.

So why pay more for this machine?

Bosch is a reliable and well known manufacturer, so you know you are getting a good quality item for your money. They also have innovative features which really set this machine apart from cheaper competitors. Their SpeedPerfect setting can be used to reduce wash times by 40%, which is great when you need clothes in a hurry or want to get several wash loads done in a few hours. Water consumption is reduced with the ActiveWater load adjustment option.

  • Simplified settings
  • Automatic load adjustment
  • SpeedPerfect reduced wash times
  • No quick wash
  • 6kg capacity
  • Higher price

Ok, it’s a bit over our initial £200 budget but sometimes you get what you pay for. If you can afford to stretch a little then this machine really is excellent value for money.

How Much Should You Spend On A Washing Machine?

Washing MachineIf your budget is tight then it can be tempting to limit your spend as much as possible. But if you have any wiggle room at all if your budget then it’s definitely worth looking at the higher end of affordability. There will always be a budget range available, but the cheapest possible machines are more likely to breakdown and need expensive repairs. They can also cost more to run: a better machine with eco-friendly settings might cost more upfront but could actually save you money in the long term. It also worth considering the quality of the wash (again, user reviews can help you get an idea of this). A cheap machine which does not clean your clothes properly, or even damages delicate items, is worse than useless.

Realistically, £200 is still the very cheapest end of the market. While you can get some pretty solid machines for this price, if you can stretch to the £250-280 range you really will be getting a lot more for your money.

Top Brand Washing Machines: How to Grab a Bargain

The balance between quality and value can be a difficult one to get right when your budget is limited. It’s in our natures to seek out a bargain but, to some extent, you do get what you pay for. If you aren’t in a hurry then it’s always worth looking out for offers and end of line sales. Some of the better washing machine brands such as Bosch might seem out of reach initially, but older models are often reduced significantly so if you can afford to wait for a sale you might grab yourself a bargain.

Where to find big name brands at discount prices? We suggest heading over to Currys who update their offers daily!

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