Best Robot Hoovers Reviewed – Do They Really Work?

Robot HooverWhen robotic hoovers hit the market in the early 2000s, many people thought the future of cleaning had arrived. We imagined that with just the touch of a button, we’d come home from working or running errands to find spotless floors. Unfortunately it didn’t really work that way.

Instead of the sleek, quiet, efficient technology we had anticipated, we were faced with large, clunky, noisy machines that routinely got stuck in corners, ran out of battery power, and scared the family pets. But luckily, as is the case with most tech, robot hoovers have made giant strides over the past several years.

Not only do they work better than early iterations, there are also more affordable options to choose from. If you’re in the market for one, be sure to keep reading for our top robot hoover recommendations at every price point.

Robotic Hoover Buyers Guide

There are five things you should be on the lookout for when you’re buying a robotic hoover. They include:

HooverSuction power: All hoovers have suction power – after all, suctioning up dirt is what hoovers are designed to do. However, there is a range. Hoovers with low suction power will clear up more visible layers of dust and dirt, but if you really want to get at the underlying grime that accumulates between furniture, in hard to reach corners, or embedded deep into your carpet fibers, you’ll definitely want to look for a robot hoover with high suction power.

Battery LifeBattery life and charge time: When you flip on your robot hoover before you leave your home for the day, you’ll probably expect that your whole home will have clean floors when you return. However, if you choose a robotic hoover with a battery life that is too brief for the size of your home, you’ll likely return disappointed to find a half-clean home and a fully-dead robot hoover. Most robot hoovers should be able to at least return to their base to recharge if they run out of juice before the cleaning is done, but it can take up to four hours for them to fully recharge: you’ll want to factor that in as well when it comes to selecting yours.

CostCost: In the early days when robot hoovers first hit the market, there were only a few brands to choose from: as a result, prices were fairly comparable. Now there are several manufacturers with their own takes on robotic hoovers, some fully-equipped and some with minimal features. You can get a robot hoover for less than £100 or more than £700. You’ll need to prioritize which features you most want within the budget rate that works best for you. The good news is though, no matter what price point you’re looking at, you’ll have several options.

SizeSize: If you haven’t seen a robotic hoover in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised when you start to look at what’s on the market. While there are some that still have the bulkiness of earlier models, some of today’s robot hoovers are compact or even downright slim. This is great for people who live in small spaces, or who just generally prefer minimalism, even when it comes to home appliances.

WifiConnectivity: Robot hoovers aren’t the only technology that has been improved in the last decade and a half. Wi-fi has also become ubiquitous, and has become incorporated into all kinds of household appliances. While not all robot hoovers come equipped with wi-fi, many do: the ones that do often give users the ability to access the machine even when you aren’t at home. App features will vary from device to device, so be sure to take into account reviews of software stability if you’re looking for wi-fi enabled robot hoovers.

Best Robotic Hoovers On The Market

Here is our buyer’s guide on the best budget, mid range, and top of the line robotic hoovers on the market:

Housmile Robotic Vacuum: Budget Option

The Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology and Powerful Suction offers a fantastic value for people looking for budget robot hoover options.

Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

Top Features:

  • 1.5 hour run time (auto return to charger)
  • 1000Pa suction power
  • Hoovers dust, dirt & animal hair
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Hard floors & carpets

Full specs available on Amazon website.

The Housmile uses three intelling infrared sensors (two at the sides and one in front) that allow the machine to avoid obstacles on the floor, and also alerts it to any drops like a staircase so that it can turn back to avoid falling.

It is powered by a high-quality rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery which is included with the machine: it offers maximum runtime, and maintains high performance through repeated charging cycles. While it takes 3-5 hours to fully charge, the Housmile has a robust 1.5 hour fade-free run-time with constant, powerful suction of 1000Pa which is above average for robot hoovers in its class. With the touch of a button you can program it to run through a 30-minute run time for smaller rooms, or a 60-minute run time for large rooms.

Even though this model is inexpensive, it still boasts a low-profile design that enables the machine to easily clean under tables and chairs, and navigate in difficult to reach nooks and crannies: it’s 3-in-1 cleaning system simultaneously sweeps and hoovers while employing HEPA filtration.

The Housmile features two side brushes, which removes dust, debris, and allergens, and enables it to effectively clean both hard floors and low-pile carpets of dust, hair, and animal hair. It also features a dam board to collect rubbish. The machine comes complete with an AC power adapter, two filters, four side brushes, a cleaning tool, a user guide, and a worry-free 12-month warranty.

The Housmile is an energy class A+, which is impressive for such a value robot hoover: this is definitely an excellent choice if you have a small budget or are just dipping your toes into the robot hoover experience.

Buy on Amazon: Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy RoboVac: Mid Range Option

The Eufy RoboVac Smart Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is priced higher than our budget option, and there’s quite a jump.

Eufy RoboVac 11c, Smart Wi-Fi Robotic Hoover


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as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

Top Features:

  • Can be controlled via your smartphone & Alexa.
  • 1.5 hour run time (auto return to charger)
  • 1000Pa suction power
  • Suitable for hardwood floors & carpets
  • 12 month warranty
    • Full specs available online at Amazon.

      But with the higher price tag comes a bunch of added features. The Eufy RoboVac is completely hands-free thanks to three incredible control options.

      It comes with a remote control, can be controlled via the EufyHome app with a smartphone thanks to its built-in wi-fi capability, and can even respond to verbal commands like “Alexa, ask RoboVac to start cleaning” as it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. With the app, you can easily set it and forget it by scheduling seven full days of automated cleaning routines, meaning you can enjoy fantastically clean floors with zero thought or effort.

      And if you somehow lose sight of this robotic hoover, don’t worry: you can easily track it down with a Find My Robot feature. The Eufy RoboVac comes equipped with a high-capacity Li-ion battery and 1000Pa which gives it 1.5 hours of strong suction power, much like the Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner we chose as our budget option.

      It uses one rolling brush and two side brushes to loosen up and extract dirt and grime so it can then be hoovered into the RoboVac’s dust collector: however, it is advised that this particular robot hoover isn’t recommended for high-pile carpet or dark-colored hard floors.

      The Eufy RoboVac 11c comes with a remote control (which needs 2 AAA batteries, which are not included), an AC power adapter, 4 side brushes, a cleaning tool, a high-performance filter, and a worry-free 12-month warranty.

      Buy on Amazon: Eufy RoboVac 11c, Smart Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

      Dyson 360 Eye: Top Spec

      The Dyson 360 Eye is the absolute top of the line when it comes to robotic hoovers, which is reflected in its price tag.

      Dyson 360 Eye Robot Hoover

      2 new from £879.43
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      as of August 13, 2022 11:44 pm

      Top Features:

      • Can clean any floor type.
      • V2 spin motor that operates at 78,000 RPM
      • 45 min run-time in max power mode (auto recharge)
      • Big capacity – 0.33 litres
      • HEPA filtration
      • Warranty included

      Full detailed specs available on Amazon.

      Unlike our budget and mid-range robotic hoover options, this robot hoover has the suction to deep clean everything from hard floors to deep pile carpet and everything in between.

      The secret to its success? The Dyson 360 Eye boasts a powerful V2 spin motor that operates at 78,000 RPM: that’s serious cleaning and suction power. In fact, it offers twice the suction of any other robotic hoover on the market.

      This power does come with a cost though: when you run the Dyson 360 Eye at its maximum cleaning mode, it only runs for up to 45 minutes, even with a lithium-ion battery.

      This revolutionary appliance is the only robotic hoover to feature a full-width brush bar: it also utilizes a combination of carbon fibre filaments which help remove layers of fine dust from hard floors along with nylon bristles that penetrate deep into carpet fibres to lift up grime and dirt so it can be easily suctioned up.

      The dust compartment has a capacity of 0.33 litres, and the machine itself is equipped with HEPA filtration so it helps eradicate allergens as well. Thanks to the Dyson Link app, you can schedule cleaning times right from your smartphone.

      Dyson is an established name in the vacuum industry, and they’ve definitely brought their A-game into developing the Dyson 360Eye robotic hoover. It may be pricey, but if it’s within your budget range then this is absolutely an excellent choice.

      Buy on Amazon: Dyson 360 Robot Hoover

      Robot Hoover FAQ: Do They Really Work?

      How much coverage do you get?

      This can vary from model. Some robot hoovers like the Eufy RoboVac work best in smaller spaces like flats and townhomes, but others will be better-suited for larger homes. Be sure to read reviews and specs to find out what works best for where you live.

      Do they manage to do the edges of your room?

      Robotic hoovers are much better than they used to be at getting into corners, especially ones with a slimmer profile. Be sure to read customer reviews to get a better idea of how well your chosen model works.

      How loud are they?

      While most full-size upright canister hoovers let out between 70 and 90 decibels (dB), robot hoovers are generally much quieter: they tend to be in the 50 to 60 dB range.

      How well do they really work?

      For day to day use, robotic hoovers work great at keeping up with things like dust and pet hair. Think of them like a handy household helper that can free you up from some of the day-to-day drudgery of cleaning.

      Can they replace my hoover full time?

      In some cases, robot hoovers can work as your full-time vacuum – mostly if you have a smaller space with mostly hard floors and thin carpets. But most homes could also benefit from having a full-size hoovers in order to do deeper cleaning, and in order to reach areas that your robot hoover can’t navigate, like stairs.

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