How To Repair Chips In Your Bath, Sink or Shower Tray

Every day we spend time in our bathrooms and they get used heavily. It is not surprising that the chance of damaging the bathroom surfaces is quite likely, it just a matter of time. We have all seen it happen: your child drops a toy in the bath or you drop something heavy in the shower or something topples into the sink.

Little accidents like this happen more often than we would like. There is nothing worse than when it results in a horrible crack or noticeable chip mark.

There is no need to call a workman and get him to replace the item with a new one. It would cost a small fortune and that’s before you paid him to fit it, which is going to be a big inconvenience and take time.

There is a faster more cost-effective way: roll up your sleeves and have a go at repairing it yourself. Its easier than you think so here’s how to do it.

How To Repair Ceramic, Acrylic & Enamel Damage

If you want to do the repairs yourself, you need a product that is amazingly simple and safe to handle and will give you a perfect result, every time. What you need is the Cramer Scratch & Chip Repair Kit.

Cramer Scratch & Chip Repair Kit: Ceramic Enamel Acrylic

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The Cramer repair kit is quick and easy to use and has been designed to be used by anyone. The kit includes detailed step by step instructions. It can be used for the professional repair of minor damage and chipping in both the kitchen and bathroom. The kit can be used on the following sanitary surfaces: ceramic, enamelled steel, enamelled cast iron and acrylic.

The kit comes in various colours that can be accurately matched to your original sanitary colours. The kit contains a two-component filler (30 g) and hardener (8 g), an aerosol (50ml) in your sanitary colour of choice, a spatula and sandpaper (brown for enamel, grey for acrylic). The kit will do approximately seven average repairs.

The instructions are simple, here’s how to do it:

  1. First you need to prepare the surface by washing it down with a mild soap or wipe (or you could use the Cramer Liquid cleaner).
  2. Next you need to mix the two components on a piece of card board using the spatula that comes with the kit.
  3. Before it hardens apply the component mixture to the crack or chipped area and smooth it out with the spatula so that the substrate is coated.
  4. Wait till the fillerhas hardened before you proceed to sand down the filler with the relevant sandpaper (brown for enamel, grey for acrylic).
  5. Once the repair is smoothed you can cut a paper mask of the repaired area. Shake the aerosol can and then, while holding the paper mask over the repaired area, spray the paint through the mask hole using sideways and up and down strokes with the aerosol.
  6. Leave it to dry and you will not be able to see the repair. It is that easy.

The substrate needs to be coatable, so if you have a big crack or need to glue back broken parts together first, then you will also need UniBond No More Nails Original heavy-duty adhesive.

UniBond No More Nails Invisible High Strength Adhesive

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Unibond No More Nails is a high strength adhesive that can be used to bond two surfaces in many DIY and repair jobs.

To prepare the surfaces for the application of No More Nails, ensure they are clean and dry and are free from loose material, dust, oil, grease or polish. Apply the adhesive to the item being bonded and position the item with firm pressure. Ensure a good contact before releasing pressure and wipe away excess adhesive residues.

Allow for 24 hours to dry and support the item in place if necessary.

How To Repair Small Marks, Blemishes &Scratches

If you are mending minor damage, scratches and blemishes in kitchen and bathroom you need the Cramer Touch-up Stick.

Cramer Bath Touch Up Stick

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It is also suitable for replacing missing glazes to the edges of tiles. It also allows for the application of multiple layers on ceramic, enamel, acrylic, metal, powder-coated and painted surfaces.It is very easy and quick to use and has an indefinite shelf life for future use, just ensure that the lid is securely tightened after use.

The Touch-up Stick is a small aluminium container of performance coating (12ml) which also contains a small paint-brush attached to the lid. The Cramer Touch-up stick comes in various colours that can be matched to your original sanitary colours.All you must do is prepare the surface by cleaning it with a mild soap or wipes. Then ensure you shake the shake the Touch-up stick.

Ensure you keepthe stick upright when opening before proceeding to paint the damaged areas with the Touch-up stick brush. Its that quick and easy.

Should You Pay Someone To Repair Chips In Your Bath, Sink or Shower Tray?

PayIn the event all you want is for the chips and cracks to be repaired as if it had not happened, you could search for a service that will send someone out to do the repairs for you. This is time consuming, inconvenient and don’t forget the cost, which could be a lot more than you expected.

There are a lot of services that could do this type of job with the oldest being Magicman. Magicman is a specialist in hard surface repairs for 25 years in all sectors from Construction, NHS/health, education, retail, hotel and catering, domestic and more. They have a national network of well-trained customer focused technicians. You can get an estimate online or via their call centre to avoid the unexpected cost.

They currently are used by 5 of the top 10 UK insurers to effect repairs rather than replacement. Magicman Marine division are used internationally by cruise liners to repair hard surfaces on board cruise ships.So if you do not feel up to DIY and just want it dealt with professionally and cost effectively you need to contact Magicman.

It’s highly likely that most repairmen will use the same products and processes as described above. So why not save yourself the time and money and give it a go yourself. You will be surprised how easy it is.

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